The origin

Deurza was born in 2005 as an experimental boutique studio in which to unite and develop the ideas and visions that its three founding partners contributed at that time in order to try to innovate and change certain models that they consider exhausted. These three vital, different, complementary and sometimes opposite experiences force the original model to be in constant question, seeking the evolution of the idea and therefore of the concept.

Thus, during the years of Deurza’s life, it has gone from a small concept study to a multidisciplinary company with a 360º vision in constant evolution in search of constant challenges. In this way, after searching and finding a space in a changing market in the local sphere, the activity has been developed throughout the national territory, developing equipment in the places and locations that customers have been requiring.

The idea

“Urbanism” – Set of knowledge related to the planning and development of cities. The spark that gave rise to the idea, the whole in Deurza, that which has made it possible to touch the ground to later elevate the experience to the entire process.

With a solid training in the matter, the founding partners of Deurza looked for a space that would allow them to develop ideas studied and learned in different places and times in order to print their own, differentiated and technical stamp of a discipline that lived divided into disciplines and own and individual skills of the different participants.

Thus the end was none other than to forget the different, the complementary, the compartmentalized to go to unity, to the idea, to the word, “urbanism.”

Evolution of the concept and idea

With the idea implemented, the processes defined and the concept rooted, progressively, they have been undergoing a constant, almost daily evolution, seeking to avoid pigeonholing, trying to provide themselves with a 360º vision that allows to approach the whole process from absolute specialization , but always starting from the idea.

These processes would not have been possible without the constant search for daily improvement, equipping ourselves with processes and, above all, a human team with exceptional values ​​and ideas that have allowed, allow and will allow the constant evolution of the idea, the search for excellence from knowledge and competitiveness.

“Nothing is impossible”