Modification of the PGOU of Zaragoza


Año: 2019
Motivación: Reordering and viability of the intervention area
Localización: Zaragoza

This area was proposed decades ago to respond to the supply of tertiary uses in Zaragoza, its development being clearly affected by the decrease in the demand for these services in the city. The proposed modification tries to respond, therefore, to current needs by proposing an interior arrangement that redistributes commercial and residential uses adapting to current needs and requirements, also renewing urban solutions by increasing the surface area for green areas, the creation of a boulevard where to centralize the commercial spaces and a residential program that allows the houses to have a double orientation and higher quality common spaces. At the same time, the project solves the complete connection with the city, obtaining accessible and interconnected spaces, eliminating the physical barrier presented by the railway and generating a new opening in the urban fabric that allows the connection of Cesáreo Alierta with the extension of Tenor Fleta . In this way, the proposed Modification of the General Plan presents a notable scale in the development of the city itself, and in any case, its development will avoid the great urban void that for decades has meant its lack of development

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